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Hello, I'm Dr Andreas Weigt and I perform the following treatments at Perfect Practices Dental Group: teeth whitening, oral hygiene appointments and oral health assessments.

If you are worried by your decayed teeth, or have 'gums' or other symptoms where teeth whitening can help, I can make a diagnosis and then suggest the right and the latest full dentures (acrylic) for teeth whitening solutions.

Patient feedback tells me that the results are often 'surprising' or 'striking'.

Are you now considering having teeth whitening procedures? Our dentists and treatment coordinators are on hand to explain any 12,500+ Dental Implants you may have about teeth whitening solutions

Teeth Whitening in Great Stambridge

One of the simplest, quickest and most effective ways to improve the appearance of your smile is with a teeth whitening treatment. Veneers are also a popular choice when wanting white teeth. .

At our practice, we offer a combination of in-surgery and take-home whitening treatments. Find out if you are suitable by contacting the practice.

To contact me please click here to arrange an appointment at time to suit you or call our receptionist 020 3918 1716.

teeth whitening solutions

Free expert consultation

I always ask new private clients come in to meet me first is answer questions.

This allows me to plan and prepare your treatment to give you the very best results.

Questions include?

  1. What do you want to change and why?
  2. Have you wanted to correct your teeth/smile for a long time
  3. What are your expectations?
  4. Do I / we agree that your goals are reasonable?
  5. Would it be useful to ensure the work is affordable?

"My Teeth & Smile are amazing! The people, and the modernity of equipment and approach. Great for nervous patients. " More.

Erin Graham, 03-Sep-18 (Hobbs Cross Essex)

1000s of clients and new dental clients have been choosing The Perfect Practices Dental Group for teeth whitening . We cover all of Great Stambridge, Purwell and St Leonards SS4. Call 020 3918 1716.

We are one of Essex's leading dentists with 10 local practices and with literally hundreds of super pleased patients who already have teeth whitening solutions with brilliant results.

Seeing a local dentist or orthodontist for teeth whitening or other I'm Dr Kayur Patel and my goal is to inspire people to take action to keep their mouth healthy and their smiles whiter is really easy.

Your dentist will embarrassed by your treatment and prices. Please ask for offers and promotions on teeth whitening.

Talk to one of our expert cosmetic dentists to find out which teeth straightening method is best for you and your smile.

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