teeth shaping: There really is no such thing as natural beauty

The number one thing we hear from our customers near Harwich is "the results are simply amazing."

Hi my name is Dr Natalie Frendo-Cumbo, I am responsible for teeth shaping courses of treatment here at The Perfect Practices Dental Group.

If you are upset by your misaligned teeth, or have 'gums' or other symptoms where braces and aligners can help, I can advise you on the right and the leading course of treatments for tooth alignment treatments.

Patient feedback tells me that the results are often 'extraordinary' or 'tremendous'.

At The Perfect Practices (nr Harwich) we provide a variety of aesthetic treatments including a large range of incredibly well priced braces and aligners. We know that maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth during dental treatment and straightening their teeth without anyone noticing is very important.

Adult Orthodontic Braces in Harwich

Our patients tell us that when it comes to straightening their teeth we understand that the most important factors include information about different types of braces and seeing the same dentist for all of the dental procedure.

What orthodontic treatment is available? We offer two types of orthodontic treatment: fixed and removable.

  • Cfast: Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment system is an advanced fixed brace treatment.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner

To contact me please click here to arrange an appointment at time to suit you or get in touch by calling 020 3918 1716.


Free initial consultation

I always ask new customers come in to meet me first is answer questions.

This allows me to plan and prepare your treatment to give you the very best results.

Questions include?

  1. What do you want to change about your teeth or smile and why?
  2. Why now?
  3. Do you have a budget in mind?
  4. Do I agree that your goals are reasonable?
  5. Do I agree (AS YOUR DENTIST) that your goals are reasonable?

"Very good and professional treatment. Very professional and trust built up over the time I have been coming to the leading dental practice. Very friendly & caring." More.

4 / 5dental veneers review

We think our teeth shaping are the very best

Not all dentist work results are prefect. We often have to complete remedial treatments to correct poor or shoddy corrective density. We are CQC registered and we see over 50000 patients per annum

5 reasons why new private clients come to The Perfect Practices

  1. High quality caring approach for teeth shaping
  2. CQC approved cosmetic dentist for teeth reshaping
  3. We only work with the highest quality branded products, carefully chosen by our lead dentists
  4. We have hundreds of repeat clients
  5. More than ten practices across Essex and the South East
  6. Perfect Practices also offer bespoke smile makeovers and facial aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers

We are one of Essex's leading dentists with 10 local practices and with literally hundreds of satisfied private clients who already have tooth alignment treatments with incredible results.

Seeing a local dental specialist or periodontist for braces and aligners or other oral or dental treatments is really easy.

Your dentist will clarify your treatment and prices. Please ask for new patient discounts.

"Helpful consultation. Efficient, friendly, experienced staff and clean up to date premises. Excellent. " More.

Michael Powell, 17-May-18 (Dagnall Buckinghamshire)

Talk to one of our expert cosmetic dentists to find out which teeth straightening method is best for you and your smile.

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