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The number one thing we hear from our Essex dental clients is "the results are simply amazing."

Hello, my name is Dr Sheila Nguyen and I look forward to meeting you at The Perfect Practices Dental Group.

If you are annoyed by your sensitive teeth, or have 'periodontal problems' or other symptoms where caps, crowns and fillings / general dentistry procedures can help, I can offer you the right and exceptional dental procedures for porcelain crowns.

Patient feedback tells me that the results are often 'really very good' or 'remarkable'.

Are Googling for a new dentist? Our dental specialists and periodontists are on hand to explain any question or query you may have about porcelain crowns.

We are highly experienced dentists who routinely undertake caps, crowns and fillings / general dentistry procedures for new patients in Eastwood.

To contact me please click here to arrange an appointment at time to suit you or get in touch by calling 020 3918 1716.

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Free personalised consultation

I always ask new dental clients come in to meet me first is answer questions.

This allows me to plan and prepare your treatment to give you the very best results.

Questions include?

  1. What do you want to change about your teeth or smile and why?
  2. Why now?
  3. What changes would you like to see?
  4. Do I agree that your goals are reasonable?
  5. Would it be useful to ensure the work is affordable?

Talk to one of our expert cosmetic dentists to find out which teeth straightening method is best for you and your smile.

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