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The number one thing we hear from our registered patients near Bannister Green is "why did I wait so long for veneers?"

Hi my name is Dr Kuljeet Mehta, I am responsible for veneers dental treatments.

If you are feeling a little insecure about your decayed or rotten teeth, or have 'enamel erosion' or other symptoms where braces and aligners can help, I can offer you the correct and the latest procedures for teeth straightening treatments.

Patient feedback tells me that the results are often 'jaw dropping' or 'colossal'.

At The Perfect Practices (nr Bannister Green) we provide a variety of aesthetic treatments including a large range of affordable braces and aligners. We know that continuity in care and great results is very important.

Adult Orthodontic Braces in Bannister Green

Our patients tell us that when it comes to straightening their teeth we understand that the most important factors include minimising impact on patient's work, home or school life with a low number of dental visits in CM6 and comfort.

What orthodontic treatment is available? We offer two types of orthodontic treatment: fixed and removable.

  • Cfast: Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment system is an advanced fixed brace treatment.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner

To contact me please click here to arrange an appointment at time to suit you or call and leave a message 020 3918 1716.

Bannister Green

Free initial consultation

I always ask new patients come in to meet me first is answer questions.

This allows me to plan and prepare your treatment to give you the very best results.

Questions include?

  1. A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear
  2. How long have they been like this?
  3. Is there anything that is preventing you from going ahead? What has stopped you in the past?
  4. Do I need to lower / raise your expectations?
  5. Would it be useful to have transparent prices?

"Nothing you wear is more important than your smile"

Literally 1000s of private dental patients and new registered patients have been choosing The Perfect Practices for braces and aligners since 1993. newly registered patients come from Bannister Green, Littley Green and Bishops Green CM6. Call 020 3918 1716.

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We offer first class veneers

We like to think that not all dentists have the facilities, technology or specialist training that you come to expect from a Perfect Practices' dentist

5 reasons why new customers come to Perfect Practices Dental Group

  1. Affordable private dentistry for veneers
  2. Cosmetic implant dentistry | premium quality & great value?
  3. High quality caring approach for veneers
  4. High appointment availability - fast track no wait appointments
  5. We treat more anxious and phobic patients in Essex that other practices
  6. All of our practices have the very latest innovation and technology as standard

Seeing a local dental specialist or hygienist for braces and aligners or other I'm Dr. Miriam Molins and my goal is to inspire people to take action to keep their mouth healthy and their smiles whiter is really easy.

Your dentist will clarify your treatment and prices. Please ask for offers and promotions on veneers.

Talk to one of our expert cosmetic dentists to find out which teeth straightening method is best for you and your smile.

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