Tooth Decay

What causes dental decay?

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, are holes in the teeth caused by the bacteria in plaque.

What are the signs of dental decay?

Tooth decay can be difficult to spot in the early stages without an x-ray. That’s why we recommend regular checkups for all of our patients. When the tooth decay is more advanced you may be able to feel a cavity in your tooth as well as experiencing sensitivity or pain.

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What treatment will I need?

It is important to treat tooth decay to prevent more serious damage occurring to the teeth and gums. Treatment for cavities is usually a filling or a crown. If the central nerve in the tooth is damage the dentist will recommend root canal treatment. If teeth are severely decayed then the dentist may have to extract the tooth.

What can I do to prevent decay?

Cavities can usually be prevented with a good dental care routine alongside a low sugar diet.  Talk to your dentist to find out more about tooth decay prevention.

How can my dentist and hygienist help me prevent decay?

Regular visits to your dentist will mean that the early signs of decay will be picked up before it becomes serious. Scheduling appointments with your hygienist every six months for a deep clean will prevent any build up of plaque and keep your oral health in top condition.

Ask your hygienist to advise you on the best dental hygiene routine for you, including flossing and mouthwash.

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