Start 2020 with a smile makeover and enter the New Year with confidence!

Six Month Smiles

  • Are there aspects of your smile you would like to change if you had the chance?
  • Do you feel the need to cover your teeth when you laugh?
  • Are you worried about chipped, misaligned, or discoloured teeth?

We all know that body hang-ups can cause you to feel incredibly bad about yourself, and often make it difficult to enjoy yourself.

An unattractive smile is a major cause of distress amongst adults in the UK today.

That is why more and more people are turning towards cosmetic dentistry as a solution to their confidence issues.

With 2020 just beginning, many of us are thinking about the steps we can take to ensure a year which is even better than 2019, and for some people, finally getting around to fixing that smile is top of the list!

What is a smile makeover?

With dramatic advances in cosmetic dentistry over the last couple of decades, there’s not much our skilled orthodontists and cosmetic specialists can’t fix!

A smile makeover is the process of improving your teeth and smile, and usually entails two or more of the following procedures:

six month smile makeoverA dedicated specialist will not only look at your teeth, but they will also consider your facial features, skin tone, and hair colour.

These factors all impact the overall appearance of your smile, and it is important to make changes that suit your own smile.

Some patients are inclined to bring in photos of their favourite celebrities, in the hopes that they can have a smile like that, but this is not the way cosmetic dentistry works and each treatment will look different on different patients.

We also carry out a full smile analysis including looking at your gum tissue to make sure your mouth is in a healthy condition for treatment.

What would you like to change?

With a smile makeover, we can target almost any issue.

Some of the most comment problem areas for our patients are:

  • Teeth colour: teeth whitening or veneers can be used to improve the natural discolouring or dulling of teeth.
  • Missing teeth: whether you have one missing teeth or several, this can become an issue not only visually but also for your overall oral health. Dental implants are a great way to target this issue.
  • Teeth alignment: if your teeth are not straight it can easily cause you some stress and frustration, although there are simple ways to target this using orthodontics or veneers.

So, what steps would you like to take to improve your smile going into 2020?

Book a free consultation with one of our specialists where you can discuss your concerns and we can work together to come up with the best solution to target your problem areas and leave you feeling happy, confident and proud of your smile.