Do you want a beautiful, sparkling smile without having to wait? Six month smiles could be the solution for you!

Straight Teeth in Less Time

Advances in cosmetic dentistry mean we are no longer limited to the dramatic train-track metal braces popular for teens in the 90s.

With many alternatives, subtle, and fast-acting procedures, more and more adults are choosing to have cosmetic dentistry to straighten their teeth.

New figures released by the British Orthodontic Society in August 2019 showed that orthodontists are receiving an increasing number of adult patients:

The report showed that the `majority of adult patients (80%) are aged between 26 and 55. The survey also revealed that adult patients are most likely to be female (80%), although the number of men seeking treatment is also on the rise.

Orthodontists were asked what kind of braces they provide most commonly, and the responses concluded that:

  • Over 75% of those surveyed commonly supply fixed braces with clear aesthetic brackets
  • Over 30% provide lingual braces (fixed but placed behind the teeth and out of view)
  • 70% of orthodontist provide clear aligners

On top of this, there is still popular demand for the traditional train track style braces on the front of the teeth, and these are commonly provided by more than 98% of orthodontists.

The strong demand for train track braces may be down to the fact that this kind of braces can sometimes be available on the NHS, or they are at least more affordable than for example Invisalign or veneers as an alternative option.

Six Month Smiles

At Perfect Practices, we are proud to provide cosmetic and general dentistry treatment to the people of London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

One straightening procedure we offer is Six Month Smiles – a fast track way to get your dream smile!

This is a highly popular clear brace system that’s designed to cosmetically straighten your front teeth in just six months.

It is a short term procedure for teeth straightening and focuses usually on the front six teeth.

Six Month Smiles is a perfect option for someone who wants to improve their smile but isn’t willing to make the usual time commitment necessary for standard braces.

Additionally, this option is usually more affordable than Invisalign – and there are options for funding using multiple different payment methods and finance plans.

How does it work?

Dental Veneers

Six Month Smiles is a system constructed using white wires and brackets, so again it is more discrete than traditional stainless steel and suitable for patients who desire a less obtrusive and obvious brace than train-tracks.

This clear braces system is designed to straighten your front and most visible teeth, which is why it usually focuses on six teeth.

Although the length of time you’ll spend wearing your clear braces will vary depending on your circumstances, on average it is between 4 and 9 months.

For anyone who is looking for amazing, effective, time-sensitive results: six-month smiles is the perfect option for you!

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