Smile Design


Smile design across London, Hertfordshire and Essex

The Perfect Practices are fully equipped to deal with all your dental needs; combing state of the art technology with over 25 years of industry experience.

Your smile is the key to your identity; however a staggering 40% of Brits are unhappy with how their teeth look and want to do something about it.

Having seen over 50,000 patients across London and Hertfordshire in the past year, the Perfect Practices can create, trial and implement your complete smile makeover.

Choose from a variety of options, including:

The Perfect Practices have adopted technology that let you trial your new smile before committing to the real thing.

Many of our patients coming from places such as Luton and Stevenage visit The Perfect Smile , one of or smile makeover specialists, in order to trial their new and improved image.

How do we do this?

We use advanced technology, so that you can visualise the outcome of a variety of different treatments.

It works by taking a 3D impression of your teeth and gums. It can be manipulated to portray the most appropriate course of treatment and be adapted to suit your needs.

The new and improved impression is either displayed digitally on a screen or a replicated so that it can be placed on your teeth. This gives you the chance to see what the finished result will look like.

“The digital simulator allowed me to envision what my veneers would look like before I committed to going through with them. I was amazed at how similar it was to the final result!”  Linda, R. Knebworth.

This innovative step in smile design has meant that we have been able to deliver flawless treatment to thousands of clients across south-east England.

Reducing the risk of dental problems in later life, the smile trial is great value for money. Contact The Perfect Practices to book a free consultation.